Week 12 Meal Plan

This past week we were really good at sticking to our meal plan. It’s amazing what a difference a commitment to sticking to a spending budget for the week can make to your resolve to stick to a meal plan. Here’s for hoping we make it two weeks in a row with making 100% of the meals we plan to make!

Sunday: Maple Ginger Turkey Breast from Clean Eating, mashed sweet potato, frozen mixed veg

Monday: Salmon (seasoning, or recipe still to be determined), potatoes, and peas

Tuesday: Green Chile Spinach Quiche from allrecipes.com

Wednesday: Marinated Steak from Big Oven and salad with berries, feta, and strawberry vinaigrette

Thursday: Tacos

Friday: Crockpot Pulled Pork from Lauren Greutman and corn

Provided that I can find some ripe bananas at the grocery store, or in the depths of our freezer, I also hope to make these Oatmeal Banana Apple Breakfast Muffins from Rock Recipes for snacks.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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