Parmesan Spinach Mac and Cheese

So the worst month of the year work-wise for me is finally over. Move-in: my most favourite month of the year! We kicked off this  month with the worst head colds we’ve had since January, but also with some tasty meals. My contribution was this parmesan spinach mac and cheese from Life’s a Strawberry. It was pretty fast to prepare (as far as homemade mac and cheeses go) and definitely helped meet our calorie requirement for the day.

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Parmasan Spinach Mac & Cheese


  1. Alannah S

    Did the Parmesan melt okay for you? I make a Mac and cheese similar to this for the kids but I’d love to try a different cheese!

    • Heather

      I actually used mozzarella instead of Parmesan because our Parmesan had actually gone moldy :-/. Worked great with mozzarella! I’m sure it’d work fine with pretty much any cheese.

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